7 Funny & 7 Real Ways to Stop Dogs From Pooping in Your Yard

Whether it be a stray or a neighbors dog, a common question from homeowners is:  How do I stop dogs from pooping on my lawn or flowers?

Obviously, politely asking the owners to not let the dog defaecate on your property is ideal, just explaining how its affecting you–no blame here, but sometimes it just won’t work.  Calling animal control, taking to the pound yourself, calling the police, or other similar groups may be the last straw (check your local leash laws), but may be the only option in some cases to try to stop the vandalism, but may have negative repercussions.

Here are a variety of answers people have submitted, or we have found online.  Obviously we do not endorse these, but some actually work:

7 Funny Ways

  1. Spray/dab the dog with skunk scent so when the dog goes home, the owner will get the hint. One or two drops to start.
  2. Put up a fake tombstone that reads “Here lies the last dog that pooped on my lawn”
  3. Pee around your perimeter since dogs are territorial and will see your pee as marked territory. Try not to kill your own grass
  4. Put up an electric fence
  5. Throw the dog poo on your neighbors jungle gym, all over their yard, or right next to their house A/C intake fan.
  6. Spray the animal with some bad smelling perfume. Again, more of an owner deterrent than a dog deterrent.
  7. Politely set it on their front porch as a special heart-warming gift

7 Real Ways

  1. Cayenne/black pepper sprinkled around perimeter – Works!
  2. Glass jars – Urban legend; may not work
  3. Motion activated sprinklers – prob. not a good idea if you have kids
  4. Commercial dog repellent for lawns (search PETCO or Google) – Works Sometimes!
  5. Combine Tabasco sauce, Garlic powder, and Dawn dish washing soap, and spray this concoction all over your lawn once in a while.  Heck, add some pine oil while you’re at it. Works!
  6. Coffee grounds around the perimeter.  Again, the strong smell deters them, and doubles as fertilizer. Sould work!
  7. Put up a fence